Saturday, August 6, 2011

Indians "Loot" Indians

Indian money holders : img from wikileaks
What do we Indians have to say about this? All these years we have been fooled that India was a rich country once upon a time, and the Britishers, Persians, French and Portuguese looted us of our wealth. They stole it from us, so, we became an underdeveloped and poor nation. And after 64 years of Independence, we are now becoming a greater power and being acknowledged as a developing super power nation.

But IS THIS TRUE? Are we really developing? Were we poor during these 64 years? Were the foreigners the only one who looted us? Voting is a right of every citizen but are we voting for our curse or our boon? Are we living peacefully and happily? If yes, then is this the true happiness?

India is the largest democratic country in the world but it's also one of the most corrupted nations in the world too. if not the No.1 corrupted. I wonder who these wikileaks really are but they have done, what the Indian government should have done a long time ago. But why would they do it? Who likes to point out their own mistakes? They just try to blame it on others and if blaming doesn't work then silence is the last and the most powerful weapon of all, they could resort to. You know, all the children are taught in school, the history of War of Independence of our India. The freedom struggle of the great freedom fighters who fought and gave their life for their country. They happily gave their life, not worrying about their own present but our very future. They sacrificed themselves so that we could live freely and happily. I feel really sad for them. They are lucky that they died in the struggle. If they were alive even after the independence they would have cried and suffered in agony to see this over corrupted country, thinking that they fought for nothing as nothing was changed even after independence. We were ruled by foreigners and suffered a lot. Poverty and unemployment was there before 1947 and is there even after 1947.

Reason is simple and crystal clear. We vote and seal our fate in the hands of these unscrupulous and man eating (not literally) MINISTERS, who promises to protect the people and keeps it by protecting HIS people. HIS people are not our people, HIS people don't stand in a line at the ration shop to get oil and rice. They don't plant seeds in their farm and look out for it so that we can eat as well as them. They don't drive auto-rickshaws and clean the toilets, to get at least a single meal a day. HIS people are their wives, children, relatives who can do anything and everything possible in this lively world. They are almost like demigods. They can loot us of our income. They can threaten our lives to get our own land. They can store as much money as they want and we can't do anything about it. Or rather i would say we shouldn't do anything about it. If we do 'anything', we lose 'everything', including our lives.

Anna Hazare is trying his best to end the corruption but he forgot that there can be only one Mahatma Gandhi, one Bhagat Singh, one Vallabhai Patel and one Shubhash Chandra Bose. But there can be many Neera Radiyas, many Karunanidhis, many Lalu Prasad Yadavs and many Kalmadis. Anna Hazare cannot win alone against these RAAKSHASA SENA (Demon Army). We must help him and help ourselves to get rid of this corruption parasite. People always knew that many Indians were stashing their "black money" in the SWISS Bank without any proper legal actions. The Indian citizens wanted to know how much money was there in the  SWISS Bank in rupees format. Baba Ramdev told earlier that there were 2000 crores in the SWISS Bank and he wanted all those money to be brought back to India for the development of the nation. He even fasted for this purpose but then he was charged by the police and the government.

There are more than 1000 Indian names having account in the SWISS Bank that is given by the wikileaks. Oh My God! This was unbearable and unexpected. I haven't seen anything like this before. We must wake up and realize that this nation can be made a better place. This nation can be freed from the clutches of seat loving corrupted ministers if we all join hands together. Remember, we joined hands in the past to get freedom and democracy. Let's join hands now, also, to free our Mother India and ourselves.



Varun Uchiha said...

this is unacceptable...its people's money and should be given to the people, from whom these guys looted....what do others think???

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