Friday, August 5, 2011

"India" in "Ramayana"

Ramayana by Virgin Comics
 Well, who would have thought that the epic Ramayana, which is Hindu's sacred book just like Mahabharata, would show us, the India which was there around Treta Yuga, more than 1,700,000 years ago. I was not able to believe my eyes when i saw this picture but then this was drawn as accurately as possible as  it was described in the Ramayana. Some of the references were taken from the Buddhist texts too.

India during Treta Yuga : img from google

As you can see, the picture is little small, so i'll give in the details and then you can download it and look closely.

* Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya and Mother Sita's native was Videha.
* Lord Rama's mother Kausalya was from Sripura from Southern Kosala.
* Lord Rama's first younger brother Sri Lakshmana's mother Sumitra was from Kasi.
* Lord Rama's second younger brother Sri Bharata's mother Kaikeyi was from Kekeya.
* Sri Bharata conquered the region Gandhara at that time.
* Sri Lakshmanan conquered the region Chandrakanta of the Vanga city.
* Lord Rama's third younger brother Sri Satrughna found Mathura, which, in the next yuga called Dwapar Yuga, was the birth place of Lord Sri Krishna.
* Lord Rama's travels were from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka.
* While on their journey, they stayed at places like Panchvati (Nasik) and Chitrakuta and many other places.
* He met Vanaras (Monkeys) at Kishkindha, then with them he marched to Lanka.
* The Rama Setu was built then from Rameshwaram to the Lankan coast.
* Sri Hanuman's flight to Lanka in one jump was from Mahendra.
* Lanka was the kingdom of the legendary demon King Ravana.

Well... these are the famous places mentioned in the Ramayana. Here are some of the images of the famous Rama Setu or Adam's Bridge.

Rama setu in middle : img from NASA

I'll be posting about the Rama Setu separately after sometime. What do you guys think about this map??? Please leave comments and tell me your thoughts on this. And no vulgarism and religion discrimination as i respect each and every religion and so should you. So please, keep this cool and peaceful.


KP said...

Wow.. Very good post indeed.. this makes me believe that Ramayana was not just an epic(story).. but with this strong footage.. it proves that God lived amoung us.. :)

Varun said...

yes indeed....god still lives among us...we just hav 2 see through our hearts.... n thnks fr the comment ....i liked ur blog tooo...

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