Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Important Issue !!!

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When i heard about this, my blood was boiling like hell. How in the world can anyone be more terrible and corrupted and, what not adjectives are coming in my mind, than the Indian Government and its Ministers.

Well, you see this for yourselves and decide, whether to fight or not the government.

Now, Indian government approves 200% MP's salary hike. And even after this still some MP's are unhappy and want more.

At present, MP's take home salary is Rs.45 lakh per anum + other allowances too.

Did you see ??? The total expense for a MP (having no qualification) per year is Rs.60,95,000.

For 534 MP's, the expense for 1 year reaches Rs.325,47,30,000.

And for 5 years, it is Rs.1627,36,50,000 (One Thousand Six Hundred Crores plus..)

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Rs.1627 crores could make their lives livable. Think of the great democracy we have.

Do MP's really need salary hike? Do they really wait for 30th of every month  for salary to credit to their bank accounts, like we do every month???

This information is for all the real citizens of India. Are you??? If you are, then stand up and fight against the corruption and the government to make things right. Save people because who knows this might happen to us too.


I.G.Pradeep said...

This Is Sad :(

Varun-sama said...

hmmm..yup it is...and we must change it somehow...

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