Monday, August 15, 2011

15th August !!! Is India really Independent???

15th August 1947. Yes, that was the day when a nation was finally freed from the clutches of those cruel Britishers of that time. I don't want any hard feelings to be there between me and my British friends. It's not your fault and i am not accusing you or anything. It's just that your ancestors and old generation people enslaved and tortured my old generation people. Then, after years of struggling and fighting, THEY earned freedom for us. And now my new generation people are torturing and enslaving us (future generation people) just like it happened before 1947. So, i don't blame the Britishers but ourselves for the condition we are in.

 I wanted to write about the most important day in our Indian history and the way we Indians celebrate it. But i think it's really unfair to write and lie about what's not actually there. And that too especially, FREEDOM. We are the largest democratic country but not the largest independent country. I wouldn't call this country as a free country or i must say, it's nowhere near the so called word "freedom". But let's see...

Today is celebrated as my country, INDIA'S, Independence Day. After 200 years of slavery under the British rule, we achieved our freedom on this very day in 1947. Well, many people know about us, who we are and who we were. What was our struggle and pain at those times are known to everyone but hardly anyone realizes it as their own. That's the reason, why this country is still developing and not a fully developed nation.

My most favourite freedom fighter and my idol is Mr. Bhagat Singh. This man was, is and will be my hero and a LEGEND forever. He played a very important role in the freedom struggle besides Mahatma Gandhi and others. There were two kinds of people in the war against the foreigners. One was the non-violent type like Gandhiji, Nehru and others. And another was the fighting type like Shubash Chandra Bose, Chandrashekar Azad and Bhagat Singh. Now, Bhagat died at the age of 23 but his works still ignite the fire in the hearts of many to fight.
Mahatma Gandhi
Bhagat Singh
After 64 years of independence, we still, are RULED by the bloody corrupted politicians. People don't have money to eat a single meal but these ministers have nearly 100,000,000 rupees safely deposited all around the world in their name. Corruption, terrorism, fighting over caste and religion has destroyed the dreams of those martyrs of freedom struggle. A new hero is trying his best to make this country a better one and his name is, Anna Hazare. He is the real non-violent Gandhi follower who is trying his best to end all this corruption that has been started by the Congress.

Anna Hazare 
He is going to start fasting from 16th August 2011, opposing the government. Many have joined hands with him and i'm with him too. I hope the day comes when my India becomes the corrupt-less and developed nation that all the freedom fighters thought of before sacrificing themselves for us.

It's sad to write like this on this special day rather than writing about the glories of my country. But still i'm proud of my  country and love it very much. The only thing i hate is the government that runs the nation. Hope people realize and bring the change and i'm with them too forever.


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