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Naruto 552 : The Prerequisite To Be Hokage...!!

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Wow, now this is what i am talking about. Itachi was and is the second strongest in the Akatsuki. I think, due to the increase in fans for Itachi, Kishimoto senpai just keeps on making him stronger and stronger for the people to like him more. And yes, it does work too. I am already an ardent and devoted fan of Itachi sama. And as the days passes and as the new chapter keeps releasing i'm growing more and more crazy about him.

Now in last week's chapter, Itachi was shown as a stronger shinobi than Nagato, even after Nagato acquired all the Pain's powers and was at his full strength. Due to Itachi's genius and calm mind, Naruto and Bee were able to face Nagato and Itachi could seal him. View my previous review here.
In this week's chapter, Nagato bids farewell and is sealed completely. Kabuto is shocked by this as he didn't expect Nagato to be sealed so easily. Nagato was damn hella strong and had all the powers a man could have but then Itachi is a genius born only once in a millennium. Kabuto realizes that even when Nagato was able to see in all directions through sharing his vision by Kuchiyose Jutsu animals, still his mobility was very slow compared to Itachi's. Itachi is best known for his Shuriken Jutsu as he can easily hit the blind spots too. As Kabuto was controlling Nagato, he could not see Itachi's attack coming and lost the fight. Itachi beautifully attacked all the eyes of the summoned animals, so that Nagato would not be able to use his shared field vision. And out of all smoke, he pierced Nagato easily with his Totsuka Blade, to seal him permanently. But then, Kabuto gives that all evil smile and says that he's going to play his trump card. Now let's see what's that in coming chapters.

After that, Itachi says that he will be going to end the Edo Tensei Jutsu used by Kabuto and Naruto must focus on fighting Madara. Bee explains how they fought an edo tensei guy before and it looked like this jutsu was perfect. Itachi says that NO JUTSU IS PERFECT. Every technique has a weak point. Naruto is all excited and wants to be the Hero, so he gets ready to fight everyone, and makes a shadow clone. But as soon as the clone appears, his kyubi mode ends, being used up a lot of chakra. Itachi advises him not to overdo himself and tells that he's the perfect one to stop edo tensei as he has a nice plan. Naruto still resists, then Itachi explains that, even after growing a lot stronger Naruto must remember that he must not have ego and he must not do the same mistake as Itachi did, that is, shouldering all the burden by himself and not allowing others to help. If he goes on like this, then he might become like Madara Uchiha. Naruto agrees with Itachi and calms down.

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Then Itachi suddenly burns that crow which came out from Naruto's mouth through Amaterasu. Naruto and Bee are shocked. Itachi explains that Shisui's eye in that crow will not activate it's mangekyou for another ten years since it's already been used. So the eye is useless for now. And moreover Naruto has Shisui's feelings so that's more powerful to stop Sasuke than his eye. Naruto asks Itachi that he can meet Sasuke, but he refuses to do so, saying he failed because he tried to do all by himself and now he'll be leaving this matter to his friends. Then, Itachi departs to stop Edo Tensei telling Bee to take care of Naruto. Both Naruto and Bee get ready for the fight.

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Elsewhere, people are fighting an old Mizukage. He's strong and he gives his secrets so that people can defeat him and seal him. There's a little comedy going on in the between the Mizukage, his Clam and the Shinobis. Another team fights with an old Raikage and tries to defeat him and seal him too. And in another place, the present Tsuchikage and Kazekage fights with an old Tsuchikage. At the end, a hand is shown with a jutsu from behind and Gaara knows who it is.

The chapter ends here and i am waiting for the next chapter. You can get to read this chapter here.


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