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Bleach 461 : Come Around Your Turn

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Cool, that's all i can say. Last week we saw Ichigo getting his shinigami powers back. Rukia was the one who stabbed him with a special sword and then he gets his powers back with a bang and poof and all just like that. Now, this is what is special about the Japanese manga. They make you wait for one whole week to know the next turn in the story. I was thinking about Bleach all week. Moreover, he gets his powers back by others giving him a part of their reiatsu. And then, after attaining a new power, he slashes Getsuga Tenshou at Ginjou, who is a villain now. You can see my previous post about the previous chapter here.

Last week's chapter revealed that Ichigo gained back his shinigami powers and there were other shinigamis who helped him like Byakuya, Kenpachi, Toushirou, Ikkaku, Renji and Rukia. But there's more to it. Ichigo slashes Getsuga Tenshou at Ginjou but he misses it. He assures that he will not miss it again. Looking at Ichigo become stronger, Ginjou tries to flee from the scene and come back later prepared. But Ichigo stops him easily with his new acquired super speed and super strength. Ginjou thinks that it's all because of his Fullbring training. Then Ichigo slashes another Getsuga Tenshou at him. Ginjou is hit with it while screaming that it's not enough to kill him.

Then, Ichigo realizes that it's not just Kenpachi, Byakuya, Toushirou, Renji, Ikkaku and Rukia who lent him their powers but all others too. Ichigo asks Renji that wasn't it a crime to transfer powers to a human. Renji replies that it was the Captain Commander Yamamoto Genryusai's orders to do so.

Yamamoto asks Kisuke to bring the sword to transfer his shinigami powers to it. Unohana is shocked to see him to do so. Then Yamamoto explains that they were all saved by Ichigo once from Aizen, so its time to repay and help him gain his shinigami powers back. It would be a shame for the Gotie 13 to forget the help done by Ichigo and not to help me in time needed. So, he orders then all the Captains and the Vice-Captains to transfer their part of reiatsu to the sword brought by Kisuke to help Ichigo gain his shinigami powers back.

Renji tells that Yamamoto has a nice side too. Toushirou says that he would never have done like this in the past and it was Ichigo who changed Yamamoto to be like this. He gained his powers back for what he has fought for the soul society for so long. Suddenly a flash bursts behind Ichigo and he's shocked. Ginjou stands behind him with a new power and Fullbring. Toushirou explains that the another reason for bringing back his powers was Ginjou. Long before Ichigo appeared, there was another guy who was given the license of the Substitute Shinigami. However, he gave up his position and disappeared. He was the first Substitute Shinigami and his name is Kuugo Ginjou.

It's wonderful to think that Yamamoto actually has changed a little bit and almost everyone has contributed their powers to Ichigo. Now it's time for the real fight. But still there are many questions unanswered and hopefully they are answered soon.

You can get to read this chapter here.


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