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Bleach 459 : Death and Strawberry 2

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The true enemy??? I always knew that Ginjou was the real villain. Now, i don't know why but i knew it. Maybe that's because it's the same as it was Aizen as he was first shown as the good guy then he was the true villain. Same goes with Ginjou. He was partnering with Tsukishima all along the way while teaching Kurosaki Ichigo to get his Fullbring.

In the previous chapter, Ginjou and Ichigo were fighting Tsukishima and all his friends under Tsukishima's control. Suddenly, Ishida Uryuu comes to rescue. Ichigo thinks that Ishida was attacked by Tsukishima but then it was Ginjou who actually attacked Ishida. Ishida tells Ichigo the truth and before they could do anything, they are defeated by Ginjou and Tsukishima together. Then as usuall, Ginjou tells his old plans of how he wanted himself to be cut by Tsukishima's fullbring and help Ichigo to get his powers back. So that he could take it from Ichigo. Still the reason for that is not known.

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 On the verge of losing himself, Ichigo is thrusted by a sword in his chest through his back. He looks back and finds his dad, Kurosaki Isshin and his best friend Urahara Kisuke. Ichigo thinks that they are also under Tsukishima's spell and cut him but they are not. It was Rukia, with all new hairstyle and a pair of elbow length gloves like Kuchiki Byakuya and a lieutenant badge on her left arm. She has become the lieutenant of the Thirteenth Squad captained by Ukitake Juushiro.

After being stabbed by a sword by Rukia, which most probably looked like his Zangetsu in the first stage, he regains his shinigami powers back. And stands tall like a legendary hero with new upgrades to his clothing as well as his sword too. Have a look at the upgrades.
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 I hope next chapter becomes interesting as it was a little boring with all this fullbring thing. What do u guys think so? I hope in next chapter Ichigo says, "Bankai : Tensa Zangetsu".

To read this chapter fully online go here


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