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Naruto 551 : Stop Nagato!

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 Man, I have been waiting for past two weeks to get my eyes on this new chapter. Normally the gap between the release of new chapters is just a week but looks like Masashi Kishimoto senpai likes to make his fans wait. But that's good because the interest and excitement automatically grows with time. Now i thought the previous chapter was the best so far but Kishimoto senpai never ceases to amaze me. This chapter is more interesting than the previous one. We got to even see a new power of my idol and fav. hero Itachi Uchiha sama. Now, you can view the review of the previous chapter i.e. Naruto 550 here.

The chapter starts with a nice answer to my question. In the last chapter, at the end, Nagato becomes complete by absorbing Killer Bee's chakra and Naruto's chakra. And he was shown pulling out chakra from Naruto's belly. I knew that it was just an ordinary way of sucking chakra but then my friend, another anime and manga freak, put me in terrible confusion. He was 100% sure that Nagato has released the seal of the nine tails fox. Now i was totally in shock that if it had happened who would control the Kyubi again. But thank god, NO, thank Kishimoto senpai it didn't happen. This chapter clears my doubt. Nagato was just sucking Naruto's chakra and not releasing the seal.

Naruto comes to understand that Nagato has become complete. And he has all the powers of the six Pains combined. And moreover he was being totally controlled by someone (Naruto doesn't know it is Kabuto). He tries to use Rasengan out of instinct even though he knew about his powers. Then there's the usual innocent and stupid Naruto asking Nagato to teach him his techniques. Kabuto makes Nagato to use Naraka path, so that he can kill and revive the two jinchuurikis and make them his own wiithout the knowledge of Madara. Killer Bee tries to help Naruto but he is easily stopped by Nagato using his Asura path. He was almost about to blow both of them away with his Asura path's power but then there is this amazing, expected though, twisting point which i like the most.

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Itachi comes to the rescue. Well, now as he's released from the controlling technique by his super plan in the previous chapter, he fights for Naruto. Activating Susano'o, he safely cuts Nagato's techniques and carries Naruto and Bee to safety. Nagato healing himself uses Chibaku Tensei. Naruto tells them how he was captured in it while fighting Pain in past. Itachi gets on with an idea to destroy it by blasting it with each of their most powerful techniques. Man, i didn't expect even a bit that Itachi would have this strong technique under his belt. Yasaka's Magatama. He forms it somewhat like a Rasengan or Chidori with one hand of Susano'o and throws it like Rasen Shuriken. Killer Bee uses Tailed Beast Bomb and Naruto uses Rasen Shuriken. And, BOOM, Nagato's Chiabku Tensei is destroyed.

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Everything is in smoke and dust and suddenly out of it, a blade pierces Nagato right through his chest. Itachi emerges out of smoke with his Susano'o at its full form and strength. He tells Nagato that it's the Sword of Totsuka and he was going to seal him completely. He asks if Nagato had any last words. Nagato apologizes to Itachi and speaks to Naruto. He gives an emotional speech of how he regrets going in the wrong path and killed his own master Jiraiya. He places all his hopes on Naruto to end this battle once and for all. Nagato gets sealed and Naruto goes on for his next battle.

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Now the most important thing in this chapter is that Kishimoto senpai revealed that Itachi Uchiha is damn hella strong and Nagato as well. Well i always wondered what would happen if all Pains were combined and here is the answer. Nagato with all his powers is damn strong and unstoppable. But then Itachi is not so easy to be defeated either. With Susano'o he stands on equal grounds with Nagato or a little higher than Nagato. His main trump card  is his Susano'o. With both his Sword of Totsuka and Yamata's Mirror, he's invincible just like Zetsu said while Sasuke-Itachi fight. And now a new technique, Yasaka's Magatama, is awesome. It's formation is also so cool. This jutsu contains the shape of three commas just like a sharingan with a loop joining between them. It forms like a disc. And it's kinda damn powerful too. Now i know, that Sasuke or anyone else couldn't have stood a chance against Itachi if he was damn serious. Now that's my idol and star Itachi Uchiha sama.

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