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Naruto 550 : Koto Amatsukami

Chapter 550 : img from mangareader,net
So, here comes the showtime. In this new chapter of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto senpai has done one of the best things he could ever do. The real truth of Itachi Uchiha has been revealed. My idol, my favourite anime character of all time, my most wanna be guy and what not !!! The secret behind Itachi was revealed by Madara Uchiha but i still had a doubt that he might be hiding something from Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi's younger brother, so that he could take revenge on the Leaf village. But now, everything is clear, Itachi was the real hero and in this chapter, he's shown as the best ever a hero could get.

Naruto and Killer Bee are fighting Nagato and Itachi, who were resurrected through Edo Tensei by Kabuto. In past, when once Itachi meets with Naruto alone in the forest, before fighting Sasuke, he plants a crow inside Naruto and tells him that he has given some powers to Naruto and he hopes that the day never comes when he has to use it. I have been always wondering for a long time, what power might that be. But today it was a total unexpected and fantastic reply to that answer. But i always guessed and knew that Itachi gave some of his visual powers to Naruto to encounter Sasuke's powers and i was half right. He did give powers to Naruto to fight Sasuke but not his visual powers but Uchiha Shisui's, who was known as the fastest user of "shunshin no jutsu" and whose mangekyou sharingan genjutsu was the ultimate one.

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Itachi placed that eye in the crow and placed it inside Naruto. But before planting, he embedded the command "Protect Konoha" as a genjutsu into Shisui's eye and made it in such a way, that the crow would come out on seeing Itachi's mangekyou sharingan and place an eternal strong genjutsu on the bearer of Itachi's eyes to protect Konoha. Itachi gussed all correct. He knew that Madara would make Sasuke join Akatsuki and try to destroy Konoha. He knew Sasuke would plant Itachi's eyes wihin himself. He knew that Sasuke would attack Konoha and fight Naruto. Then he would use eternal mangekyou sharingan and then the crow would come out and place the genjutsu on Sasuke to "protect the village" and defeat Madara. But he never expected the crow to come out against himself.

After a brief secret past telling by Itachi about Shisui Uchiha and how he got Shisui's eye, Nagato starts attacking out of his own will. He sucks out the chakra from Bee's Jinchuriki form and Naruto's Jinchuriki form and turns younger and a complete Nagato.

Kabuto tells that Itachi is so powerful that he's totally on another level and even Edo Tensei can't hold him. After being released from the controlling technique he explains everything to Naruto. Now, I'm sure that in future, if there's any poll to be conducted on Naruto heroes rank, Itachi will top that. This chapter tells about, how Itachi sacrificed his life for the Konoha, how Shisui also sacrificed himself for the Konoha and helped Itachi, how he planned to protect his little brother as well as Konoha together even after death. Now, that's who the famous and mysterious Uchiha Itachi is!!! Still, he's my all time favourite. Now, waiting for the next chapter.

 You can view the full chapter here


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