Friday, September 2, 2011

Naruto 553 : On the Battlefield !!!

Well, in the last chapter, at the ending we saw a hand in the corner of the last page with a ninjutsu. Now everybody was sure, it was Naruto. Itachi and Nagato were also super cool in the previous chapters. But whatever, Itachi always rocks and so does Naruto too.

In the end Naruto gets off to the battlefield in all directions through his shadow clone jutsu in the kyubi mode. When Gaara and the Tsuchikage were fighting, Naruto joins the battle.

You can read my previous review here.

Naruto attacks with a new type of Rasengan called Wakusei Rasengan at the previous Tsuchikage, who is raised from the Edo Tensei. Naruto and Gaara are fighting for the first time. Muu, the Tsuchikage is fast and is a sensor too, so he dodges Naruto's attack with ease. But then with some help from Gaara. Naruto hits Muu with the new Rasengan.

The new rasengan  is awesome. Its different than the previous ones. It has one big ball in the center with three other balls around it. And each ball rotates in different direction. Muu is totally blasted off and then Onoki makes him immovable with his jutsu. Then Gaara easily seals him.

Then Naruto arrives there and Gaara shouts at him for coming into the battlefield. Naruto tries to explain to him but then Shikaku starts to explain from the HQ. But then Oniki tells him to explain while they move on to the next battlefield. Gaara warns Naruto that he was a jinchuriki once and he must know the risk of using kyubi's chakra too much. Naruto tells them that he will not die before becoming the Hokage.

Elsewhere, they are still not able to defeat the previous Mizukage. And at another place, people are struggling to defeat the previous Raikage. Temari is also there. She asks how he died and one of the member of Kirigakure explains that he died in a battle protecting his comrades. And tells that he's famous for not his power or speed but for his stamina. And he fought continuously for three days and three nights. Kabuto then plans to keep him fighting until he summons 'him'. Now, we don't know who this 'him' is.

That person tells that only a strong Fuuton user can face that Raikage. Temari says that she's one but says that there's another one who is stronger. Then Naruto arrives there out of nowhere saying that it's him.

In the Akatsuki hideout, someone stabs Zetsu with a sword thing like and burns him with Amaterasu. Now, i thought it might be Itachi, as he told that he would be ending Edo Tensei by himself, in the last chapter. But then, it was not him. He was Sasuke, with new eternal mangekyou sharingan. Now next week, let's see what happens.

You can read this chapter here.


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