Friday, September 2, 2011

Bleach 462 : Why Me Sad

Why Me Sad ? That's the name of the chapter this week. And it is as always a good chapter. Last week the chapter was really interesting and good, as Ichigo got his powers back and not only that. Everybody accepted to  give him some of their reiatsu. And then at the end there was a shock for all of us, Hitsugaya says that Ginjou was the first ever Substitute Shinigami to appear in the Soul Society

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So this chapter starts with Ichigo being shocked at the news of Ginjou being the first ever Substitute Shinigami.

Hitsugaya reminds Ichigo of the time when Ukitake explains to him about the Substitute Shinigami and their rules and the badges. Hitsugaya tells that, it was all created for Ginjou's sake. Byakuya interrupts him and then Hitsugaya tells Ichigo to focus on Ginjou and he would explain everything later.

Ginjou laughs and shouts and is very happy getting his new power. He warns them that they better pay attention or they would get wounded because of him. He thanks Ichigo for giving him his new power and tells that he would be dead if not for his power.

Elsewhere, Inoue comes running to Ichigo, thinking about him. She keeps wondering and crying about why Ichigo was cryng previously. She is still under the spell of Tsukishima's fullbring but due to her strong feelings for Ichigo she is confused and is struggling within herself. She wonders why her heart pains to see Ichigo cry. She then comes to the place where Ichigo is and is satisfied that he's not crying anymore.

Then suddenly she sees other shinigamis too. She thinks that all of them have come to stop Ichigo. But then Chad comes there out of blue. He asks why all shinigamis are on Ichigo's side. He concludes that they all have come to defeat Ginjou. Suddenly Tsukishima arrives from back of them and asks whether they doubt their past. Ginjou stops him and warns him not to play too much with their past. Both of them gets confused and starts shivering, then suddenly they are knocked out from behind by someone. They were none other than Isshin and Kisuke. Kisuke tells that it was easy to knock them down because of Tsukishima's pressure. He wants them to be safe and be outside the battlefield.

Then all of Ginjou's teammates come there to ask their share of Ichigo's powers as promised by Ginjou before. Then he gives them as promised, Ichigo's powers. All of them look different with their new powers and all on Ginjou' side, the fight begins next week.

To read this chapter, look here.


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